Washington and Lee University

Lexington, Virginia 24450

Phone: (540)-458-8705; e-mail: knappe@wlu.edu



Ph.D.              University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 1997 (Department of Environmental Sciences; Specialization: Geochemistry / Hydrogeology)


B.S.                 Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA, 1990 (Honors in Geology)



2014-present  Professor of Geology, Washington and Lee University


2013-present  Senior Assistant to the President and Director of the Johnson Program in Leadership and Integrity, Washington and Lee University


2011-2013       Associate Provost, Washington and Lee University


2006-2010       Associate Dean of the College, Washington and Lee University


2004-2005       Acting Head, Department of Geology, Washington and Lee University


2003-2014       Associate Professor, Department of Geology; Core faculty member in the Environmental Studies Program, Washington and Lee University


1997-2003       Assistant Professor, Department of Geology, Washington and Lee University


1992-1997       Research and Teaching Assistant, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia


1990-1992       Associate Geologist, ENVIRON Corporation, Arlington, Virginia.


1990-1990       Geologist (USGS/NAGT Summer Field Training Program internship) USGS Atlantic Branch of Marine Geology, Woods Hole, Massachusetts



Low-temperature aqueous geochemistry, water quality and contaminant transport, rock weathering processes, geochemical evolution and paleoclimate, and iron geochemistry



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2009-2012 “Susquehanna/Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory” NSF CZO: A multi-institution weathering/erosion/geochemistry study with PI's at Penn State. (Subcontract satellite site - $22.5K plus REU student and analytical support).


2008-2009 “ACS Faculty Renewal Proposal: Department and Program Head Training, University of Richmond and Washington and Lee University ($8K for joint training).


2003-2005 “Rockbridge county groundwater monitoring program and community education” Army Corps of Engineers ($7.5K).


2003-2004 “Geochemical evolution of the Valley and Blue Ridge: Mobile and residual components of weathering and their climatic implications”. Telford Foundation Sabbatical Fellowship ($20K).


2000-2002 “Multidisciplinary Applications of ICP-OES in Support of Undergraduate Education and Research” NSF-Division of Undergraduate Education ($70K).


2000-2001 “Maury River Alliance: Water quality studies in the Upper James Watershed.” Environmental Protection Agency ($23K).


1999-2000 “Geochemistry and Hydrology of Maple Flats Ponds, Virginia.” U.S. Forest Service and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation ($12K).


Courses taught:

General Geology with Field Emphasis (GEOL 100); General Geology (GEOL 101); Chemistry of the Earth (CHEM 110); Field Methods (GEOL 160); Computer Applications (GEOL 185); Earth Materials I: Rocks and Minerals (GEOL 211) (Previously GEOL 210: Mineralogy); Earth Materials II: Geochemistry (GEOL 311) (Previously GEO 310: Petrology); Hydrology (GEOL 340); Geology of the Pyrenees (GEO 397); Coastal Geology (GEO 397); Geology of Hawaii (GEO 397); Global Environmental Cycling (GEO 397)



Senior Assistant to the President and Director of the Johnson Program in Leadership and Integrity, Washington and Lee University (2013-present)

Primary Responsibilities include:  Advising the President and representing him at both on and off campus meetings and functions; leadership of special committees and initiatives for the President’s office with alumni, faculty and staff; Title IX coordination related to athletics; the Johnson Programs including planning and oversight of endowments for the lecture series, opportunity grants, scholar enhancement funds, program assessment, advising scholars, and liaison to admissions for the recruitment and selection of new scholars.


Associate Provost, Washington and Lee University (2011-2013)

Primary Responsibilities included: Undergraduate advising, student summer research, new faculty orientation, faculty and staff academy sessions, the preparation of faculty award nominations, coordination of committee assignments, the administration of the Johnson lecture series and Johnson Opportunity Grants, and the monitoring of grants awarded to the university that fall under the direct supervision of the Provost.

Associate Dean of the College, Washington and Lee University (2006-2010)

Primary responsibilities included:  Faculty training and development, faculty orientation and mentoring, faculty professional travel budget, faculty awards coordination, University lectures and scholar-in-residence funding, space allocation, maintenance and renovation, and capital budget and planning. Additional activities included:  SACS leadership team member (reaccreditation in 2008-2009), chair of the Childcare Taskforce, chair of the University Lectures Committee, chair of the Teaching Spaces Task Force, advisor for the independent work major, member of the Academic Life Implementation group (major curricular initiative and current University Quality Enhancement Plan).


Department Head (Acting 2004-2005) Department of Geology, Washington and Lee University

In addition to general departmental administrative and budget duties, oversaw the tenure review of a junior colleague and reappointment review of another. Led searches for 2 visiting faculty. Led an administrative assistant search and led performance reviews for departmental staff.



Organizations (examples):

Geological Society of America, American Geophysical Union, National Association of Geoscience Teachers, Association for Women Geoscientists, American Association of University Women, Virginia Academy of Science (past President of the Geology Division)


Professional Service (examples):

External reviewer for multiple tenure files; reviewer for Water Resources Research, Environmental Science and Technology, Journal of Geoscience Education, Studies in Cave Sediments, and NSF Environmental Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry; Member of the Virginia Water Resources Steering Committee and the Rockbridge County Groundwater Steering Committee; Co - founder of the Maury River Alliance; past Keck Geology Consortium Representative


University Service (examples):

Committee and Task Force service: Faculty Governance Committee, Faculty Executive Committee, University Athletics Committee, Student Faculty Hearing Board, CAIR resource and Designated Officer (grievance process), Registration and Class Schedules Committee, University Committee on Inclusiveness and Campus Climate (chair), Automatic Rule and Reinstatement Committee, University Lectures Committee (chair), University Sustainability Committee (chair), Environmental Studies Committee, Historic Preservation Committee, Childcare Task Force (chair), Residential Life Task Force, Celebrating Women Committee, Colonnade Renovation Committee, Faculty Advisor for Chi Omega, Science Society and the Arts Committee


Community Service (examples):

Board of Directors for the VMI Research Laboratories (2013-present)

Board Member for the Community Foundation for Rockbridge, Bath, and Alleghany (2011 – present)

Former Board member of the Rockbridge County Public Service Authority (1999-2008)

Former Board member of the Rockbridge SPCA (1997-2002)